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About Us

Everybody Has a Story

Artful Deceptions is where the impossible becomes possible. This is where lovers & defenders of the art of magic gather. We believe that magic makes the world better. More amazement, more laughter, more possibilities.

One performance at a time,
we open a door to a world where unlimited possibilities exist.

One performance at a time,
we open a door to a world where ANYTHING is possible.

Welcome to our world.

Adeline Ng

The Illusionist

Adeline is Artful Deceptions’ illusionist and one of the few female magicians in Singapore. She has been in the magic industry for 10 years, having worked her way up from a kids and family entertainer to an illusionist.

Shawn Chua

Mr ``Wise Guy``

Shawn Chua is an award-winning professional magician. His well-rounded balance of finely honed technical magic skill, professional presentation and entertaining delivery makes him a popular choice for Corporate Events.

Matthew Lee

The Close-up Worker

Matthew Lee specializes in performing exclusively close-up magic. He is highly experienced in performing for the international corporate crowd, having amazed audiences at corporate events, bars and restaurants for 9 years.

Satish Kumar

SK 5

SK 5 is an artful communicator of magic with a strong background in acting and theater. A full time executive at a top multinational corporation, SK 5 performs only for selective exclusive private events, conferences & conventions.

Jerryl Tan

The Cheeky Magician

Jerryl Tan represents the new magicians of the Gen-Z. His bubbly, charming and light hearted style of performance will quickly disarm the cynical crowds and warm up the guests for events.

Mark Wong

The Influence Artist

Mark Wong is a mentalist who specializes in roving close-up mentalism. His close-up mentalism involves psychological suggestions & subliminal influences of the mind, perfect for discerning and intellectual guests.

Gabriel Soh

The Visual Conjuror

Gabriel Soh is a visual artist when it comes to magic. An undergraduate of Art, Design and Media School, he performs magic that appeals to the visual sense. Perfect for the heartlander and family crowds.

Bernard Sim

Course Instructor

Bernard Sim is the course instructor for Artful Deceptions. He conducts courses on dice stacking, juggling, ballooning and magic. Bernard’s magic effects have been published in magic journals and books.

TK Jiang

Magic Scholar

TK is one of the rare few truly bilingual magician in Singapore. He performs both visual and interactive magic. Available for stage shows and close-up magic shows.

Magic Show Productions

Show Types

Visual Magic & Illusion Show

Our big-scale illusion shows with mind blowing visuals are perfect for groups of 300 guests or more.

Interactive Stage Magic

Entertain your function with our stage shows or interactive parlour shows that are perfect for groups of 100-300.

Roving Close-up Magic

Dazzle your guests with close-up street style magic, perfect for small groups and pre-event cocktail parties.


Prices from S$388

We provide affordable and value for money magic entertainment with rates starting from S$388. Just write us an email and let us know your party or event requirements so we can assist!

Artful Deceptions Media & Entertainment

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